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Maui Cat Rescue was founded by Moriah Diamond who grew up on Kibbutz (a rural communal farm) beneath the Hermon mountains in northern Israel. Her father was a tour guide, an historian, and a great lover of animals and wildlife of all kinds, and had his own veterinary care center, where he cared for cranes, storks, hawks, and buzzards, rabbits, deer, porcupines, and even snakes of all kinds. Moriah successfully nursed a nest of baby falcons to maturity. She also had her own pet python. 

Throughout her formative years, she learned how to heal and treat animals and to recognize their traits and personalities. When she came to LA, besides her work as a successful event and portrait photographer, she became known to all her friends for taking in homeless cats. Every time she saw a cat that seemed stranded or wounded, she would not leave it until she could arrange for proper veterinary care and a foster home.

She brought her love of cats to Maui. As a connector of people it has always been her dream to have a place where cat lovers could meet and play and rejuvenate with cats, and to bring together different shelters, foster homes and organizations already working on the Island for purposes of collaboration and sharing of resources. She hopes that the cat cafe and cat lounge will be a gathering place that will help both cats and people on the Island.


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