Cat Cafe

Cat Fostering and Adoption through the Cat Cafe

Maui Cat Rescue operates an in-house adoption program at Cat Cafe Maui through its partnership with Maui Humane Society. The cats at the cat cafe have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped, are chosen for their sociable personalities and are ready for adoption. At the cat cafe, Maui Cat Rescue is responsible for caring for the cats, boarding them, providing suitable spaces for them, feeding them, providing any veterinary care that is necessary, and cleaning after them. Maui Cat Rescue also encourages fostering and coordinates opportunities and support with local rescues.

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Relax, Rejuvenate

The cat cafe will operate in a location in the central Kahului/Wailuku area. It will be open to the public, and designed to encourage human visitors of all ages, with lounging chairs and corners to make friends with the cats. By providing a suitable space for guests and potential owners to socialize with cats, Maui Cat Rescue can provide many cats with an opportunity to be adopted that they would not otherwise have. Staff and volunteers can also make suitable recommendations and personalized matching between interested guests and suitable cats. Maui Cat Rescue’s goal is to adopt out at least 10 cats a month who might otherwise not have a chance at survival. Depending on the numbers of guests and visitors to the cat cafe actual numbers might be much higher.

Fall in love

Maui Cat Rescue will provide high-level care for the cats through our own work with assistance from volunteers. The space will be designed with cats in mind, to provide mock trees and ledges where cats can climb out of reach, but also many toys and nooks and niches for them to play and rest. Maui Cat Rescue will also create spaces that allow the cats distance if they do not wish to socialize.

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