Educational Programs and Activities

Maui Cat Rescue will invite local experts, teachers, and scientists to provide education on cats, their lives and habits, and their relationship to the natural environment of the Island. We will offer graphic presentations, lectures and slideshows at the cat cafe.

Maui Cat Rescue will also partner with the Hawaii Department of Education and local schools in the area to raise awareness and provide organized outings to the café in which grade-school children can become more familiar with the cats and learn about the needs and problems created by the large feral cat population and the solutions that are most humane, such as trap spay and neuter and release programs, and fostering programs like the cat cafe.

We also will chronicle the daily adventures and lives of the cats at the cat cafe and various activities at the cat cafe on the corporation’s website. There will be short bios on each cat, and each time a cat is adopted, it will be featured with the adoptive family. Maui Cat Rescue will also take advantage of blogs and social networking sites to promote its activities and its adoption program.

By offering educational events as well as our publications and website, Maui Cat Rescue will educate the public on subjects related to the prevention of cruelty to feral cats, will be beneficial to the community and will advocate for the protection of Maui’s natural habitat.