Q. “ I am afraid to take an animal, rescued, found or pet surrender, to MHS because I fear that it will be euthanized”.
A. We are a humane society. We do our best to find a live outcome for all animals. Each animal is unique and health and behavior play a part in their pathway.

Q. “I can’t afford to get my pet spayed, and I don’t want MHS to do ear tip”.
A. We offer a $10 spay/neuter for cats if the owner doesn’t want an ear tip.

Q. “I’ve called and left messages to get an appointment and no one calls me back”
A. ALL calls received through customer service are returned every day. When callers decide to press buttons to ‘get to an alive person’ they often end up leaving messages in inappropriate mailboxes.

Q. “They say they have lots of spay/neuter appointments available, but the soonest appointment I could get was 2 months out”.  “They want us to help trap and neuter, but have only 2 traps to lend out”
A. We have many appointments available: https://calendly.com/mhsclinic
We have less traps available because we lend out to people who say they can’t afford the deposit; when we lose the traps they aren’t replaced immediately. $7000 worth of traps are missing due to non-returns.

Q. “I wish they had weekend spay/neuter appointments for people who work”. and “I work until 5 and they want them picked up at 4”.
A. Have they asked for a late pickup? Or just assume we won’t accommodate a unique request?

Q. “The shelter is funded by the county, so the county needs to step up it’s investment in order to solve this overpopulation issue”.
A. This should b e addressed to the county. We receive limited funding from the county.

Q. “My neighbor is poisoning/shooting/trapping and dumping cats and MHS enforcement says I must catch them in the act or get video, and Police say (even though animal cruelty is a crime) to call humane society”.
A. Any animals in danger need to report to our Humane Enforcement Officers: 808-877-3680 x 222 or report online: https://www.mauihumanesociety.org/report-an-incident/

Q “What is the appropriate age to spay/neuter kittens”?
A. We spay/neuter kittens at approximately 8 weeks/2lbs.