Adopt a Hawaiian Cat from the Comfort of Your Home.

Introducing: "Paws Across the Pacific"

Embark on a unique journey with us as we unite hearts across the ocean, bringing the spirit of Hawaii to homes on the mainland. “Paws Across the Pacific” is a groundbreaking project dedicated to transporting Hawaiian island cats to loving homes, creating a bridge of compassion and connection between two worlds. Join our movement and be a part of this transformative mission to spread aloha and save lives, one purr at a time.

Why Adopt a Cat from Hawaii?

You are Helping to Address Cat Overpopulation in Hawaii

Hawaii faces a unique challenge of cat overpopulation due to the absence of natural predators. By adopting a cat from Hawaii, you are providing a loving home and helping to reduce the strain on the island’s delicate ecosystem.

Many sweet, loving and tame cats are abandoned on the streets of Hawaii or at cat colonies, primarily because their owners are unable to find pet-friendly housing. And sometimes because they simply cannot afford to keep them anymore.  Others have moved from Hawaii to the mainland, where it also may not be possible for them to keep their cat(s).  Unfortunately, this grim situation has been even further exacerbated by the horrific Lahaina and Kula fires of August 2023. 

You are Saving Lives and Offering Second Chances

These cats are in desperate need of compassionate individuals willing to give them a second chance at a happy and secure life. By adopting a cat from Hawaii, you are providing them with the love, care, and stability they deserve, and are becoming a beacon of hope for animals in need and the dedicated individuals who are working tirelessly to protect and care for them.

You are Adding a Touch of Paradise to Your Life

Cats are loyal, loving companions that bring joy, comfort and companionship to their human families, fostering deep and meaningful bonds that last a lifetime.  Adopting a cat from Hawaii offers a unique opportunity to provide a loving home to a cat in need while experiencing the aloha spirit and adding a touch of paradise to your life. Make a difference today by choosing to adopt a cat from Hawaii and be a part of the solution to a purr-fectly noble cause.

Your Help and Kindness Matter

By opening your heart and home to a cat in need from Hawaii, you are not just making a difference
in the life of that feline but also extending a lifeline to a community where assistance may be scarce

Explore Our Location Map Featuring Adoptable Cats Flown from Cat Cafe Maui to Various States Across the USA.

Find Your Purr-fact Match!

Donate to connect with an adoption specialist and meet your future fur baby.  Make a donation to get matched with a companion through simple questions. Plus get a private Facetime session from Cat Cafe Maui with three adorable potential cat companions.

Please make sure to add your phone number and email in the donation notes so we can send you the questionnaire.

Not ready to adopt a cat yet?  You can still help us and the cats by making a tax-free donation to Maui Cat Rescue. 
We appreciate and depend on your donations to help Hawaii’s sweet cats.